A.I. Replacing Human Talent In Graphic Designing.

Technological innovations are increasingly making traditional jobs obsolete, and it looks like the already tech-savvy industry of graphic design could be next. Graphics plays an important role for any brand – both on internet or in real world. The image quality is major turning factor for most of online sites.

In recent years we came across many articles about speculation that whether AI will replace Human Jobs.

Elon Musk in a interview said “There is a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation”.

Old Fashioned way of Designing Logos

Earlier a marketing department was set up and stakeholders used to sit with them and tell them what kind of logo they need.Logos were crafted at the launch of a new company, product or service.

Hundreds off designs were suggested and among them some designs were chosen. Then design agencies were contacted to submit concepts, based on the variety of input from different people within the company.


But Now Everything is changing…

New platforms are being introduced that leverages Artificial Intelligence in a completely different way and changes how companies and organizations creates logos. These platforms does not drag and drop or changing a logo already existing a little bit but they can create 100% unique logos .


Is developing Technology to this extend destroys Industries..  ?

With all of this technological upheaval, it’s important to remember that technology doesn’t destroy. Technology forces evolution. Technology forced horse and buggy manufacturers to evolve and join the automotive workforce. Technology is forcing logo designers to begin working in more creative industries. And, if they want to stay at their current skill level, they can produce the graphical elements that AI will use to craft the logos of the future.

In fact, in some ways, AI is increasing demand for graphical elements to be created by human creators. As high-end logos become more and more affordable, savvy freelancers will jump in and find ways to fuel the machine, instead of letting it run them over.

source- Kikolani

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