How to Colour Black and White Photos Latest Method

Hello Friends ..Today, i’m Going to Tell you How to Colour black and White photos.

Sometimes, You Get Some Old Black and White photos from your Past. and Which Maybe Very Important For you, Because of the Memories.

And You Wish , “It Would Be Wow if it Was in Colour !!!”

Hmmmm … Now You can Full Fill tour Wish and Can Colour Black and White Photos ..

All you Need is – 

1. A Pc
2. Photoshop Application

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The procedure to Colour Black and White Photos Goes Like this =>

1. Fist open the b&w pic with adobe photoshop.Select “Image>mode>cmyk colour”.

2. Now start “quick mask” mode by pressing “Q” in keyboard.Now take the “brush” from the “brush tool” and carefully paint the part which you want to colour.(N.B. You may start with the face part).

3. After finishing the brush work,return to normal mode by pressing “Q”.Look there creates selection in the pic.

4. Now press “Ctrl+Shift+I” in “Select>Inverse”.Then go to “Layer>New Adjustment Layer”.Check “Colourize” and move the slider of “Shadows”, “Midtones”, and “Highlights” until u find your desired colour.make more sharp by going to “Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves” and press ok to give a name in the checkbox.

5. Now go to “File>Save As” and save the picture as jpg format.

Here’s a Sample Pic –

It Was Simple … Isn’t It ???

Hope You’ve Enjoyed The Post.

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