How to Hide your Number In TrueCaller 2018

Hello Friendsss ,,,Today, I’ve Come With a New trick For Your Privacy .. i.e Hide your Number In TrueCaller  🙂

TrueCaller, is A Free Service to Know The Details Of Any Number. It Has a Huge Database.

How It Works ???

When you Install its App, It Copies All your Phone Records into Its DataBase and Shows The Name, When Anyone Searches For It.
So, It’s Possible That, One of Your Friend have Your Number in His PhoneBook and Used TrueCaller App. So, your number is Copied to TrueCaller DataBase With All your Details. and When Anyone Searches For Your Number, The Details Will Shown to Him.

It sounds good that the TrueCaller help us to know Unknown Numbers.

But, Do you like to show your name worldwide in front of some strangers ???  Absolutely No …

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Some people find your number from somewhere and use your Exact Name found out in TrueCaller for any illegal purposes. Even though the TrueCaller help us, It may break our privacy boundary. To secure your Privacy you can hide your name and details from TrueCaller. 
They won’t show your name if you don’t like it.

Follow This Process to Hide your Number In TrueCaller –

1) Go to TrueCaller Unlist Page.
2) Enter your country,type in your number.
3) Solve the captcha and click enter.

 Now, your Number Will Not Show in TrueCaller.  😉

~ Thanks For Reading …

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