How To Download Nokia Firmwares Using Navifirm

 Download Nokia Firmwares Using Navifirm


Hello Readers. 😀

Today We Are Gonna Teach You How to Download Nokia Firmwares Easily, USing a Tool Called NAvifirm.

Before Proceeding To The Trick You Must Know Some Thing About Firmware.

* So, What’s a Firmware ???

Firmwares Are The Software of Mobile. It Determines how The Mobile Will Work.
Mainly Nokia Firmware Consists of 3 Files.

i. The MCUSW ( Micro Control Unit ) File.
ii. The PPM ( Post Programming Memory ) file.
iii. The IMAGE/CNT ( Content PAck ) File.

Besides, There are Other Supporting Files. But These Are The Most Important.

The MCUSW ( Micro Control Unit ) File is The Real Software. It Controls The Hardware of Mobile. 🙂

The PPM ( Post Programming Memory ) File, is A File Which Consist of Necessary Files. Such as Fonts, Language Pack, Animations and Icons Etc.

The CNT ( Content PAck ) File, is The File Which Consist of Contents Such as Wallpapers, Themes, Games and Apps, Certificates of Your Phone and any Other Things.

We Can Flash a File Without Content Pack, But The MCUSW and PPM File is Must Required For Flashing.

* Why to Download Firmware ?

Sometimes Our Mobile Firmware Becomes Corrupt, So We Need to FLASH our Phone to Make it Working Perfect Again. 🙂

And to FLASH, We Need The Firmwares. 😉

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