Latest Smartphone Tricks And Hidden Features.

You  have been using your smartphone for quite a time now. But do you actually use all its features. No, because your smartphone have features that you don’t even know about. Want to know them ?

Techmos brings you latest hidden features in your smartphones.


Smartphone Tricks And Hidden Features.

1. Animation Scale-  

Mobile running slow ? Want to increase its speed. The best way to increase mobile speed is to reduce the animation scale. Specially helpful slow processor phones.

How to reduce animation scale ?


Step 1. Enable developer mode. To enable developer mode go to your Phone About settings at the bottom of phone settings.



Step 2. Click on Build Number 5 times.



Step 3. Go to settings and check again at the bottom you will find Developer options.


Step 4. Find Windows animation,Transition animation and Animator duration scale.



Step 5. Change value of Windows animation,Transition animation and Animator duration scale from 1.0 to 0.5 or You can also reduce it even further.


After doing this you will find out that the speed of your mobile has increased.

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2.Screen Casting :

Casting your Android screen allows you to mirror your Android device to the TV screen.

How to cast Screen using Google Home App ? 


To Cast your screen from your Android device:

  • Install Google Home App.


  • Connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home App


  • Google Home App Will Search For Nearby Devices On Same Wifi.



  • From the navigation drawer, select ‘Cast Screen’


  • Touch the ‘Cast Screen’ button

  • Select your device.


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