Rimac C_Two Worth $2.1m Is The Next Big Thing In Hypercars

The Rimac C-Two is a phenomenal piece of engineering ! With 1,914PS and 2,300Nm, the 0-60mph time is just a ridiculous 1.85 seconds.

As we get started taking a walk around of Rimac C_Two let us give you the details and some facts . Rimac C_Two from 120 kilowatt battery has 1914 horsepower,2300 meters of torque.  C_Two was under development for around four years there is lot’s of trick technology at play in this.

This Hypercar has a top speed  of 258 miles per hour (412 kilometers per hour). It is entirely carbon-fiber. It has over 400  sensors in total over this car and eight cameras as well. A camera just behind the door is for facial recognition and will open the door if you’re a authorized person to drive or access the vehicle.

C_Two is powered by 4 different motors. It also has an element of autonomous driving in the driver coach.  It is amazingly user-friendly and incredibly effective.

New butterfly doors not only deliver endless kerbside drama, they also elegantly carve away at the C_Two’s wide sill when open, giving a generous space for sophisticated entry and egress.

Source – Rimac

The C_Two can load selected racetracks into its on-board systems via the ‘Driving Coach’ function, offering clear and precise guidance on racing lines, braking/acceleration points and steering inputs. A virtual driving coach with a very practical application and learning experience.

All of this is possible thanks to eight on-board cameras, a pair of lidar, six radar emitters, twelve ultrasonic sensors, as well as an exceptionally precise global positioning system and IMU sensor for autonomous driving. Indeed, the C_Two may well be the most sensitive and connected series car in the world.

Source- Rimac


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